Oil Pulling — Useful Practice or a Slippery Slope

Hi Folks. This was actually written couple of years ago. It was a big fad for a short time but I haven’t heard much about it lately…July 12, 2017

Dr Alexander, I have been hearing about oil pulling lately, What do you think about it?

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Feds Change Fluoride Level in Drinking Water

I have been concerned about Fluoride for some time now. Like 30-40 years. Accepted dental practices believes that when there is no Fluoride in the drinking water we should have children take supplemental Fluoride pills that are chewed and swallowed. For several years I have used 1/2 the recommended dosage for that application. The pharmacies typically call and tell us that I have prescribed the wrong dosage and we tell them to follow the prescription as I have written it.

The white spots that occur from Fluoride are white blotchy spots. They form as the teeth are mineralizing long before the erupt into the mouth. The topical (meaning applied directly to the teeth) doses that are used for extra protection when patients have trouble with decay, when we clean teeth, and when used for sensitivity do not cause fluorosis.


Who I Am

I am Tom Alexander, proud to be a General Dentist who practices dentistry with an emphasis in Cosmetic Dentistry. It is a great joy to be a dentist and to be able to do so many varied services for my patients. My goal is to offer them the exact treatment that I would want, knowing what I know, if I were the patient in the dental chair. I also have a network of Dental Specialists in the Portland area when such referrals are desired and/or appropriate. Lately I have also enjoyed teaching dental hygiene students part time at Pacific University School of Dental Health Science. My spare time is taken up by interests in family, dogs, photography, and music.

Dr Alexander Receives Fellowship Status by ICOI

The International Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI) has recently awarded Dr Alexander “Fellowship Status”. It is an honor which a professional society such as ICOI bestows on a dental professional involved in dental implant treatment. This award is a result of efforts in continuing education, research, and actual clinical experience.

ICOI is a world wide dental educational organization. It is dedicated to communicating scientific knowledge and improving the clinical practices of dental implantology.


Losing a Close Friend

LA Hisbiscus

I am saddened at the loss of a close friend. Someone with whom I shared many good times and happy occasions. Always there to support me and enabled me to enjoy some of the best things in life. Yes friends, I have joined the edentate. Continue reading

George Washington’s Weakness: His Teeth

Dr Tom, Did George Washington really have wooden teeth?

April 28, 2014



When George Washington opened his mouth 225 years ago this Wednesday at New York’s Federal Hall to take the oath of office as the first president of the United States, he wore awkward-fitting, painful, face-disfiguring dentures. Continue reading

Have You Looked at Your Tongue Lately?

Change Your Choices

I had a routine cleaning at the dentist yesterday and it seems each time I go they add something to just the usual scraping and flossing.  They not only check pulse and blood pressure, they now do a screening for oral cancer.  As the dentist was pulling on my tongue  and taking a look around my mouth, I thought about oral/mouth cancer and wondered if it is really a big deal because I never hear about it.  Breast, testicular, and lung cancers  seem to get the most attention but they really aren’t the most common nor the most deadly of cancers, they just have organizations that are really good at getting the word out. Famous people who have had oral cancer: Jack Klugman, George Harrison, Eddie Van Halen, Rod Stewart, Roger Ebert, Babe Ruth.

In doing some research, it turns out that close to 37,000 Americans are diagnosed  with oral or

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